What is a virtual tour
A Virtual tour is an interactive image that the viewer can control either by keyboard, mouse or finger on a touch screen device. The ability to look in any direction including up and down makes this technology truly interactive and immersive. More than one virtual tour can be linked together to create multi room or spaces virtual tour.  All of our virtual tours are produced in High Definition, we shoot with the highest resolution professional SLR cameras and high quality lenses, this produces a brilliantly detailed, sharp and realistic experience.
What other names are used for virtual tours
Virtual tours can go by many different names including: VRs, 360 virtual tour, Quicktime VR, Quicktime virtual tour, immersive virtual tour, immersive 360, panoramic tour, 360 animations.
What is HDR imaging
The term HDR means ‘high dynamic range’ and this is used when there is extreme light level contrast. For example in a dark room with sunlight pouring in through a window, a camera will take one exposure and either the detail in the shadows or highlights will be lost. HDR images allow both the shadows and highlights to be retained making it look more realistic and as how the human eye would see it. HDR images need to be first shot differently in camera and then extra steps in post production are taken to blend the final results. HDR techniques are not always needed to get great results but is sometimes necessary. This is something we will advise on.
How long will the shoot take
We typically take between 10-20 minutes per room
How long does the post production take
The post production is where 90% of the work is done, the time needed can vary depending on the size and complexity of the job. We aim to get this work finished and to our clients within 2 weeks of the shoot.
How is the virtual tour delivered?
The finished virtual tour can be sent to you either by hard copy e.g., CD,DVD but the most common method is by a download link e.g., Dropbox, We Transfer services. All the necessary files for the virtual tour to work are contained in just one folder.
How easy is it to upload to your site?
Incorporating our virtual tours into your website is very simple. We will deliver the tour in a single folder which then needs simply to be uploaded to your website server. You can include a link via text or image that just points to that folder. The user will then be directed to the virtual tour upon clicking on the link which will start automatically and is totally self contained.
How we produce virtual tours
We use very high resolution DSLRs with a very wide-angle fisheye lens, shooting between 8 and 24 shots per virtual tour (depending on lighting). The camera is mounted to a tripod and using a specialist panoramic head to capture the images. They are then cleaned up and made to look their best before stitching together and then assembling into the interactive virtual tours.
who uses virtual tours
Virtual tour are used across all business sectors with more and more business’s using the power that a virtual tour can bring to your website. Virtual tours can help your Google ranking and increase the average time a user spends on your website. Examples for business sectors using them: Education, schools and universities. Health, Surgeries and hospitals, Entertainment and service industries, Clubs, bars, cinemas, hotels, restaurants. Property and estate agents. Museums and galleries. Architects and interior designers. Sports and leisure centres, health clubs and spas. Sporting venues. Event and conference centres. Design and marketing agencies. Really any business wishing to project an engaging contemporary brand image.
how much does a virtual tour cost
Every project will have different requirements and needs to showcase the space to its very best. We can taylor a product to your companies needs and would be more than happy to discuss and put together a quote tailored to you. Please contact us
can virtual tours be viewed on smartphones and tablets
Yes our virtual tours can be viewed on almost all smartphones and tablets including Apple’s iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets running 4.x including Motorola Zoom and Galaxy tablets. Our virtual tours are produced in HTML 5 which is fast becoming the new web standard with Flash becoming less and less popular and supported. HTML5 virtual tours will be more future proof to new technologies and software.
who owns the virtual tour?
You, we may use them on our website for a portfolio purpose but you can use them however, wherever and whenever you like.


Image from dantucker.co.uk