At Digital Tour 360 we can incorporate interactive elements into the virtual tours we produce. Interactive elements or hotspots are specifically placed multi media things that can enhance the experience for the user and add information,  and fun! Some of the interactive elements options are below with example.



Linking Hotspots

Linking hotspots or arrows are used to link more that one 360 image or room togeather. This is the main method of navigating through a virtual tour. An example can be seen here

Web Links

Web link hotspots are exactly as they sound. You may want to link to a page on your website or an external site like Youtube or Wikipedia. An example can be seen here

Audio Files

Audio hotspots can either be background music, voice over or sound effects that are directional. Example of background audio.


Video hotspots are pop up videos, they can be already hosted videos like Youtube, Vimeo or existing videos from your website. An example can be seen here


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