Digital Tour 360 produce every virtual tour using the latest high-resolution digital camera technology and precise panoramic equipment, as well as giving full consideration to:

360 rig

Timing – we chose the best time of day and even, in some cases, the best time of year to capture a scene’s full potential

Lighting – best use of lighting to create the most appropriate mood

Composition – we select camera positions and angles that will ensure a dynamic and compelling image from every angle

HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imagery) is an advanced technique used in our virtual tours. The technique blends multiple different exposures to maximise tonal range in the finished image. HDRI creates images that appear ‘almost as the human eye would see’ for high contrast scenes.

In post-production we use the latest equipment to maximise the high-resolution files captured at the location. The RAW image files are saved as 16 bit Tiffs and stitched together seamlessly creating the best colour and tonal ranges possible. Our extensive expertise in retouching ensures any unwanted elements in a scene can be successfully removed.

Flash and HTML5 based software is used to create the interactivity in the virtual tours and the interface between multiple tours. We can add interactive arrows and symbols to link to other tours, still images, sound files and web links. Create interactive custom maps for you and many other visual elements you may need.



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